Features to help you focus on your business, not your books

We're adding more features as we go, let us know if there's something we can help you with.

iPhone showing a list of different expense categories with 'Office costs' selected

Easily add transactions, wherever you are

Adding transactions on the move is easy, tell us how much, what it was and which category it belongs to and you’re done!

iPhone showing a someone taking a picture of a receipt

Add photos of your receipts and invoices

Use your device’s camera to snap receipts and store them securely in Microbooks. Already taken a picture? You can choose a photo from your photo library directly from the app too.

iPhone showing a transaction being shared to someone else

Share transactions and receipts one-by-one

Tap and share your income and expenses with anyone with one tap. You can send transactions by email, message, add to notes, or just copy and paste into other apps.

iPhone showing a spreadsheet of many transactions, both income and expenses

Export transactions as a spreadsheet

Export transactions as a .csv file. Open the file in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets to do your own number crunching.

iPhone showing a list of different colorful books with business names on the front covers

Manage multiple businesses

You can add as many Microbooks as you need with the option to customize each one. You can manage finances for a limitless number of businesses, if you can find the time!

iPhone showing someone filtering a list of transactions by date, type and whether they have a receipt or not

Filter and search for transactions

Filter transactions by when they happened, by which category they belong to, whether they’re an income or expense and even if you’ve added a receipt to them or not.

iPhone showing someone creating a colorful book cover with the business name 'Tiana's Place' in the middle

Create unique book covers

Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be boring. Add a touch of panache by choosing the color and style of your very own Microbooks.

Face ID logo

Protect your books with Touch ID and Face ID Coming soon

Keep your business financial data secure by protecting them with Touch ID, Face ID where available, if not you can use a passcode to get to your transactions.

Share / collaborate icon

Invite others to collaborate Coming soon

Manage your business with a friend? Share your book with them and they can view and add transactions and have up-to-date financial data always.